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Sunday 11th  September: Sixteenth after Trinity

Introit: When Rooks Fly Homeward, Baynon
Responses: Sanders I
Psalm: 124 (Woodward), 125 (Kelway)
Canticles: Arnold
Anthem: Sicut Cervus, Palestrina

Sunday 25th  September: Eighteenth after Trinit

Introit: Behold now Praise the Lord, Wilson
Responses: Ayleward
Psalm: 134 (Battishill), 135 vv 1-13 (Trent)
Canticles: Weelkes
Anthem: Jesu, Lord, who through my infant days, Dowland

Sunday 9th  October: Twentieth after Trinity

Introit: O Praise God in His Holiness, Weldon
Responses: Reading
Psalm: 144 (Monk, Joule)
Canticles: Wood
Anthem: O Almighty God, Barcrofte

Sunday 23rd October: HARVEST

Introit: Exultate Justi, Viadana
Responses: Barry
Psalm: 147 vv 1-12 (McKnight)
Canticles: Caustun
Anthem: Come, Christians, praise your Maker’s goodness J S Bach

Sunday 13th  November: Two before Advent

Introit: Kontakion of the Dead, Kiev melody
Responses: Ebdon
Psalm: 91 (Alcock)
Canticles: Nixon I
Anthem: Requiem Aeternam, Anerio

Sunday 27th  November: PATRONAL Advent I

Introit: O heavenly word of God , Plainsong
Responses: Radcliffe
Psalm: 9 vv 1-8 (Lemon)
Canticles: Gibbons
Anthem: Rejoice in the Lord Alway (Anon)

Come quickly, glorious Lord

Sunday 11th December: An Act of Worship for Advent

Never weather-beaten sail, Campion

E’en so Lord Jesus, Manz

How shall I fitly meet Thee? Bach

Psalm 80 v1-7, 7-19 (Moran)

The Lord whom earth and sky and sea (Plainsong Mode ii)

Euge caeli, Tallis

I sing of  a maiden, Daley

Our blessed lady’s lullaby, Peerson

Jesu rex admirabilis, Palestrina

Nunc dimittis, Stanford

All visitors are very welcome to join in singing familiar carols


A Carol for a Birth

A Service of Lessons and Carols for the Eve of Christmas

What sweeter music, Herrick’s Carol: a German echo carol

Adam Lay ybounden, June Nixon

Remember, O Thou Man, Ravenscroft

From David’s Line Now Springing, Praetorious

The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came, Pettman

I sing of a maiden, Daley

Love came down at Christmas, Pettman

When the crimson sun, Pettman

There is no Rose, Prosser

Rejoice and sing this Christmas morn, Daley

Thanksgiving for the eve of Christmas (Plainsong)

Gaudete! (anon.)

All visitors are very welcome to join in singing familiar carols


Sunday 8th  January: First after Epiphany/Baptism of Christ

Introit: Only-begotten Son, Dmitriev
Responses: Ayleward
Psalm: 46 (Walford Davies)
Canticles: Wesley
Anthem: From the Rising of the Sun, Ouseley

Sunday 22nd  January: Third after Epiphany

Introit: Almighty and Everlasting God, Gibbons
Responses: Ayleward
Psalm: 33 vv 1-12 (Hanforth)
Canticles: Arnold
Anthem: O Light of Life, Bach

Sunday 12th February: Third before Lent : Septuagesima

Introit: Honour and Majesty, Greene
Responses: Reading
Psalm: 7 (McKnight/Ley)
Canticles: Weelkes
Anthem: O Almighty God, Barcrofte

Sunday 26th February: Sunday before Lent : Transfiguration

Introit: O Vision Blest, (Plainsong)
Responses: McKnight
Psalm: 84 (Plainsong)
Canticles: Tallis/MacDonald
Anthem: Lift Thine Eyes, Mendelssohn

Sunday 12th March: 2nd Sunday in Lent

Introit: Almighty God, we beseech Thee, Hearsdson
Responses: Ebdon
Psalm: 135 vv 1-13  (Trent)
Canticles: Nixon I
Anthem: Lord, for Thy tender mercies sake, Farrant

Sunday 26th March: 4th Sunday in Lent

Introit: A Prayer of King Henry VI, Ley
Responses: Ebdon
Psalm: 23  (Moran)
Canticles: Carolus Andreas
Anthem: Thou knowest Lord the secrets of our Hearts, Purcell

Sunday 9th April: Palm Sunday / One Solitary Life

A service of readings and Music for Palm Sunday

        Hosanna to the Son of David, Gesius

        See the Babe, Keith Rogers

       He comes to us, Frikki Walker, Words by Albert Schweitzer

       In Monte Olivetti, Martini

       Adoramus Te, Gasparini

       Surely He hath borne our griefs , Eleanor Daley

A Babe is born, Frederick Bainton, Words Anon.

       Ubi Caritas, Gjeilo

All visitors are very welcome to join in singing familiar carols

Sunday 23rd April: Second Sunday of Easter

Introit: This joyful Eastertide,  Wood
Responses: Neary
Psalm: 30 VV 1-5  (Corfe)
Canticles: Caustun
Anthem: Easter Song, Skellern

Sunday 14th May: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Introit: Deliver us O Lord, Batten
Responses: Neary
Psalm: 29 VV 1-10 (Archer)
Canticles: Gibbons
Anthem:  View me Lord, Lloyd

Sunday 28th May: Seventh Sunday of Easter: Sunday after Ascension Day

Introit: A Babe is Born, Bainton
Responses: Sanders I
Psalm: 47 (Massey)
Canticles: Nicholson
Anthem: O Clap your Hands, Bullis

Sunday 11th June: Trinity Sunday

Introit: ‘Twas in the year that King Uzziah died, Wood
Responses: Sanders I
Psalm: 93 (Nixon), 150 (McKnight)
Canticles: Clarke-Whitfeld
Anthem: Holy, holy, holy, Tchaikovsky

Sunday 25th June: Second Sunday after Trinity

Introit: Deliver me O Lord, Barry
Responses: David Barry
Psalm: 48 (Whitlock)
Canticles: Nixon II
Anthem: Ubi Caritas, Gjelo

Extroit: Peace be to this congregation, (Cadden/Grindle)

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